Bad Moon Studio

Located in the North West of England, we are a values based web design and branding company. We're not just another web design company, we aim to work and support new start -ups and smaller businesses to help them realise and achieve their potential. 

We root for the underdog because we can relate to the underdog

Here at Bad Moon Studio, if there's one thing we love more than coffee, it's seeing our clients dreams become a reality. We want to see the smallest businesses emerge and thrive. 
We know that growing your own business can be a difficult and scary process, but we're here to make that dream a reality.
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Web Design

We design and build websites from the ground up, working side by side with our clients to develop a web site that captures the essence of the client.


If your struggling to visualise a logo or a specific kind of design, we can facilitate your needs here at Bad Moon, just leave it with us.


It's a real pain when you have the most amazing and unique idea for a business or product, but then you get that creative block and it all shuts down. If your lacking those creative juices and need to get them flowing again, we can help with that here at Bad Moon, we can work with you to develop a brand name, logo and get you on your feet and running with a web site set up.

Future Prospects

Over the coming  months we'll be broadening our horizons here at Bad Moon Studio and will be looking to expand into areas such as marketing and domain hosting, so watch this space.
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