We are Bad Moon Studio.

Building works of art that have functionality and serve a purpose in your everyday life is what we do. Each and every beer barrel we work with has its own story and personality. The barrels come from breweries and distilleries all over the Great Lakes region.

Each piece we design and build is unique—it’s cut, welded and assembled by hand to “imperfection," giving it a rustic flair that can’t be found anywhere else. Our items can be used as utilitarian furniture or a decorative accessory that will look great in any home or business.

New features and designs are constantly in the works—so don’t forget to check out our blog page for new products and to find out what else is going on at Bad Moon Studio!


Structurally sound furniture and decor.

All of our items are built to last with heavy-duty welds, reinforced joints and extremely tough outdoor finishes. That way, you can get as tipsy as you want without having to worry about breaking them or spilling your beer all over them. You would never do that though, right?

Disclaimer: Regular items are not best suited for extensive outdoor use, but would be fine if left out under a covered patio or barn. If you want something that can be left outside in the open air, please fill out a contact form and tell us about your requirements in the "message" section.


Mainstays and Seasonals Always Available.

We try to keep our most popular items on the menu at all times, but you never know when we might throw in something completely new and different. Be sure to check back often, or follow us on facebook to be the first to know when something new comes along.